Sunday, June 12, 2016

Idiothead - Godbite - Thar Ai

Aaaand an other one of the local shows.

One of my colleague is managing a band called IdiotHead. He kept inviting me to events/shows they had in Wroclaw, but unfortunately I was always out of town those times. But at the end of May finally I managed to get to their show in Liverpool Club.
I knew it will be an unconventional experience for me, as I've listened them before, and knew it is not really my style. On the other hand I wanted to check it out, wanted to make that decision based on a live experience, not because I thought I didn't like something.
When I got into the bar, met some of my friends and colleagues too. Apart from Ola they also were new to the bands. I had a completely open mind and heart.
They have played with 2 supporter bands - Thar Ai and Godbite.

The first one on the stage was Thar Ai. They played metal allright. There was great music up there. Cool guitars, cool drums and fine vocals. I was truly hopeful when I've heard the first notes, then came growling. Not my jam, not my style. But if you like this kind, go ahead and definitely check them out live. I did like the vocals when he was singing, I really did, but I still don't like growling. :)

The second band was Godbite. Here I have some videos for you from Youtube. Even a whole album if you please. Knowing me you'll have to listen for 30 seconds and you can decide if I like the music or not! Well. They did play right, but I can't say I liked it too much. They made a great show on the stage, a bit crazy guy was singing, very pulled into the music and the performance.
The weirdest part was when he blindfolded himself and sang with huge enthusiasm. Then he seemed to draw something on the ground. Probably was connected with the music and the lyrics, but I didn't understand much about it. As we were talking at the table, I didn't make any photos, but believe me, that stage performance was kinda extraordinary.

Then IdiotHead took the stage and we went to the first row. Their music is very very not mine, but still was a great show. There was a mixer on the stage - vocals were good, bass and guitar were great and the drums also were very impressive. Refreshingly they did it all in english. I even understood some of it between the growling and singing parts of the songs. We no longer fear the sun is their new single. Unfortunately I'm not able to say if they played it or not, but should it give you a great impression go to their shows. Here you have some pictures made by Marek, their manager.

I can only encourage everyone to go to local shows and live events. Because this is how we keep live music alive!

xoxo \m/


  1. on behalf of Godbite - thanks for keeping an open mind and staying at our show! oh, and btw, we were not supporting IdiotHead, we were co-headlining a tiny tour with them :) we're planning more for Autumn. cheers!

    1. I'm sorry, made an assumption only from the running order. If you are coming back to Wroclaw, and I'll be also here, I'll go :)