Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Rockharz 2016 - Day 4

Rockharz 2016. The last day. The BEST moment in the whole summer.
But do not just start with the best one of the day. Still dawn, the sun was just rising when I got back to my tent, and was thinking extremely practically - I should go and have a shower NOW so there won't be so many people, no mud, no queue. And after that I can sleep. Let me add, that it was around 6 in the morning. So I went to shower, and then sleep some.
I wanted to see Winterstorm, but oh well... didn't manage to wake up in time for that. The next one I really wanted to see was actually Gloryhammer, but their signing session was before the show, so I grouped up with Dave and Ike to get to the signing tent. As the schedule for the day was quite tight, we decided to have lunch right there, the whole chicken of course with some beers. And the guys went hunting for some pineapple. You might remember I was writing about them giving pineapple all the time to Gloryhammer in the Czech Republic. Now they have extended the scope of the gifting to "wherever they are going to a gig".

So they returned with a huge can of pineapple. It probably was 3 kilos or something like that. (If I remember correctly they got it from some pizza place). We were quite the beginning of the queue for the signing, I saved the place while they went shopping. Met some weird faces there too, not as if it was anything unusual on a festival... Anyway, guys are back and signing starts. I have no idea where the pictures are, probably on Ike's phone. Doesn't matter, I got a signed Rockharz signing card. And as you can see Angus is a twat. :D (yes, I still can't rotate for some reason)

We have finished fast, so I got back to the line - separate one - to be the first for Sonata Arctica signing session. Actually there was an other band before them, but I had to be fast as the signing started at 15:55 and Gloryhammer was on the stage 16:15. And by that time I had to run back to the tent with the poster I got. That poster has some history. When I was on a show in Helsinki, I stole the poster from a lamp-post. Given that it was end of January - Finland - extreme cold. But I managed to do it without bigger damages on the paper, and I did after the show. Tho had to circle around the venue for like 2-3 hours until I found one, but it is mine now. And it traveled nicely though Europe, already been in 3 countries! So I took that poster for signing, which the guys gladly did. Probably on signing sessions the musicians sign everything fans put under their pens (except Toni with the finnish flag). But this was my precious poster, and I just couldn't stop smiling while they signed it.
Was feeling like a schoolgirl. The biggest fangirling moment I have ever had. Anyway, got my signatures and pics, but the very very best moment just came. I showed Toni my tattoo. I have a quite big Sonata album cover tattoo as you see on the pics. And he asked me if he could make a photo of it, and showed it to Henkka also. And all went through my head was: "Smile, say yes, don't scream, smile some more, still don't scream". Oh well, that is what happens if your favourite singer asks You to have a photo, and not the other way around. Amazing, truly the best moment of the year. Some of the pictures were made just the worst possible angle, but oh well, at least I smile.

But the life didn't stop then (ok, it might did a bit), I had to run to the tent with the signed poster to rush back for Gloryhammer on the stage. On my way I've bumped into Tristan again with a huge text on his back: "Was ist das für 1 life?" I just said "hi" and running forward. I had so big momentum running back that I got a pretty nice place almost the first row. They played the summer's playlist, but I still can't get enough of it. I remember shouting loud the Universe on Fire, having the last night's adventures in mind laughing hard through the song. The whole show had one extra element this time, there was a girl carrying around the mighty astral hammer. Probably the guys tried to catch the attention of more men adding a doll to the show ;) Not sure how it was working tho, but I liked that picture with the hammer and such. Obviously Hoots was crowned too and drank a "small" amount of beer also. It doesn't matter how many times I see them live, just can't have enough, and somehow it always ends too fast.

After the jumping and singing now I finally had some time to eat and drink and look around. There were 3 more shows before Sonata, so beer and chicken on the menu - again. Wandering around looking for some familiar faces and getting an other beer just to prepare for later as I knew I'll have a very tight schedule after SA. I bumped into Daniel and Toni and Madlen, who came for Powerwolf in full outfit and makeup (which I was about to have later the evening - the makeup at least), just said a fast "hi" got my hugs and went forth. I really wanted the first line for SA, so was getting closer and closer during Finntroll, bumped into a moshpit, which held me up totally. It was not a bad thing to happen, as I could actually enjoy the show a bit. These guys are pretty crazy, but their music is not made for me. Anyway, the show was fun and the moshpit also seemed to be crazier than usual, or I was just too close? I have no idea.

After the show Ensiferum started on the other stage, and as they play similar music to Finntroll (yes, kill me now, I know it's not similar really). I like their shows a lot, I like to see them live. But this time I had other priorities so I just listened to them (not the best place to hear much, but I recognized some songs - check them all in the playlist on the bottom). Fortunately people went there leaving the first lines empty for the next show. So I could actually easily find my place there, which was amazing as usual. Even tho I had some concerns about being too close. I was sure I will not see the back of the stage due to the stage being soooooo high, but hoping that they might have some podium for the drums so I can actually see Tommy a bit. Well, I couldn't. He was so back on the stage, that I could barely see the top of his drums. But fortunately Henkka came front time to time, so it was ok. The setlist however was way more than ok. Was a very fresh setlist for me, played some old and new songs. Starting with The Wolves die Young, playing The Cage, which I can't remember hearing live yet, through one of my very favourite songs, I Have a Right. I felt totally pumped up. Especially that I bet Toni was looking at me time to time from the stage. Yes, I still like to imagine that! Soon enough I will start to lack new words and expressions to write about a Sonata show. I just enjoy them every single time. Somehow they never fail to catch me and touch my very soul. I guess this is how you describe going to your favourite band's show. I cried a bit again when the last song was over, but I had to go, had to go and prepare for Powerwolf.

Told you this day was crazy and one thing came after the other. As Sonata finished at around half past 8, and PW started around 11, we had some time for my makeup. Was talking a lot with Daniel about PW makeup earlier and I can't really remember which of us came up with the idea to paint me for a PW show, but I was happy to do so. I had some extreme pathetic tries at home, so Daniel had to do it for me. I picked Falk Maria's makeup, and he started to do it, which felt extreme weird. They are doing it for themselves for years (probably around 150 shows already), and he has all the equipment and very firm hands to use them. The brushes and paints! Meanwhile we got attacked by a huge bee (not a wasp, a bee), and I mean huuuuge like 3cm big. It didn't let us go, even wanted to move in the car. Probably it liked the smell of the paint, or the guys :D

So I was done and we walked back to the stages stopping every minute so people can take pictures about 'us'/them, I managed to get off most of the pictures :D It took us a while to reach the stage where Powerwolf soundchecked. We could listen to Subway to Sally on the other stage, which was quite fine, heard Sieben there, but was excited already for Powerwolf, the headliner of the day. We made some silly pictures there. My very favourite is when Daniel asked me to 'look serious'. Well... I can't do that obviously.

Anyways the show started and as it is, the guys were completely sucked in the music. I just enjoyed it. Just enjoyed it. I love the show what they do on the stage, the atmosphere, the songs, the acts. I like how the crowd is moving as one, screaming Blessed & Possessed, shouting Amen & Attack and kneeling down for Lupus Dei. The show is always magical, and hard to realize it is over, but it was, so the guys wanted to meet their friends in the campsite somewhere, and asked if I would join. Sure why not, and as they were talking about these friends, I had a hunch that I know these guys. We walked and walked and walked which seemed an eternity for me but then arrived there (I didn't really feel my legs anymore by that time and got sooo tired, probably walked like a zombie), and surprise surprise Astrid and Thomas's tent was in front of us. At that time I met them only twice, but I did have a very good impression about them. Awesome couple with excellent music taste :D

Unfortunately tiredness hit me on the head and had to go back to have some sleep after an incredible day. The way back was quite funny actually adding the cherry on the top of my day. Imagine me with thigh long hair, white painted face and shorts walking like a zombie at night across the tents. Must have been a hilarious sight. I felt eyes on me all the time, was funny I didn't know which one they checked of the above mentioned :D I also bumped into some guys spreading leaflets about Ficken. They thought to give me one with the text: Sexsüchtig. At that point I so wanted to laugh in their face, and probably did too. Yes, all I needed at that moment was sex, sure... not. The only thing I could concentrate was to put one feet in front of the other, and that was hard enough to do it extremely slow.

Getting closer to my tent I passed Dave and Ike's tents, they were there still awake, so I thought to "jump" in to talk a bit. I sat down, which I shouldn't have done, as it took tremendous effort to stand up again after. Then when I finally reached my own tent, was around 2 in the morning, and I knew I have to take off as much makeup as possible, otherwise I'll look extreme silly the next day. I guess I just fell asleep in the process.

Waking up next day like I was beaten bad last night, took the effort to pack everything nicely, while almost everyone around me and who we met there said their goodbyes. Heartfelt hugs and see-you-next-times were flying around, and I was slowly ready also. Lea was so kind to drop me in the "city", so I didn't have to wait for the shuttle - which I didn't even know if or from where it was going. Was easy enough to get back to Berlin with a little detour to Magdeburg.

I was spinning around in my head because of the past 4 days of awesomeness, but somehow my body didn't want to obey at all. This was my first real german festival, and I can say I'll be back!

Here is the playlist of the day - added all the bands' setlists, as I was around all the time basically. (As always thanks to and Spotify) Rockharz 2016 - Day 4

Monday, November 28, 2016

Rockharz 2016 - Day 3

So the third day of Rockharz came. I was waiting for this one bad. The whole festival was building up day by day until the last day really! On this day I was waiting for Twilight Force and Avantasia and Kärbholz. Was interested in more bands, but the events took a complete different turn, and it was even more fun with elves and trolls and hobbits and a lot of crazy stuff.

After a great (probably) well deserved looong night sleep had the usual daily morning routine - the showers started to be surrounded with mud, which made it harder to access them, furthermore some of the people just sank in the mud after the shower, but still, it was good enough to feel fresh! The weather was perfect - during the whole festival.  So I was choosing a jeans short and a fancy top with wings cut out from the material in the back. I actually love that one, anyway I got breakfast and was about to start the day early.
Early enough, because THE Twilight Force show was about to start at a so very not deserved early time, at 12:30. And from the past 2 days' we figured, that they will start in time. So everyone was just as excited as I was, and headed to they concert area. I have no idea where I got lost, but parted from the others, and got my place in somewhere the first rows. Previously I've seen the bands And Then She Came and Dust Bolt. Somehow I cross ways with Dust Bolt a lot, and I still couldn't find the love for their music. Anyway, if you are up for some trash metal - listen to the playlist at the end of the post. The other band was on the same stage as TF, so I could listen to them eating my breakfast and positioning myself closer to the stage.

Before the show I glimpsed a small girl in the front row. Iva came from the Czech Republic as Avantasia was about to play that night. I knew that I know her from somewhere. And I don't need more than that to start talking with someone. Well, it turned out that we met once last year on More//Than//Fest in Slovakia where Edguy was playing. She is a truly enthusiastic fan and a very kind an cheerful girl - as much as I know her already, I can say it is so true. I got the opportunity fast and asked her how they came, and as the answer was - by car, I arranged a meeting with Dave and Ike and her to talk about their way home together! Mission accomplished!
Anyway, Iva was asking if I know the band - TF? I gave my widest smile, and said: OF COURSE. She asked how they are. I compared them (yes, kill me now) to Gloryhammer a bit, because she knew them. BUT. What I said was: "They are almost like Gloryhammer, just better." (I'm sorry guys, you know I love Gloryhammer pretty much - as much as I always wanna set the universe on fire, but Twilight Force is just closer to my heart.) And then the show was about to start and I lost my marbles at that point. After they were done, I asked Iva if she liked them, and the answer couldn't be anything else but YES!

(Not so) surprisingly there were A LOT of people gathering for TF. Not surprising, because they are awesome. The surprising part is that they had to play that early... Doesn't matter, doesn't matter. We were extremely excited to hear some songs first live from the new album. I shouted my lungs out, hopefully I didn't hurt much the people around me with that. They did play songs I love like Forest of Destiny and Enchanted Dragon of Wisdom. (I still need to be good friend with Powerwind - not my fav of the new album). The show was amazing, truly fun but way too short. I had goosebumps all over when the whole crowd was shouting 'Twilight Force' in The Power of the Ancient Force. Gosh I have to repeat - such a great show but sooo short. They also had to cut it a bit because Lynd's guitar thought it does not want to play anymore due to some technical problems. (And I was so sure before I started to write that it was Lynd's guitar, now I'm not so sure, might have been Aerendir's - I was so hovering 10 cm above ground that I couldn't really concentrate much).

After the show we went to the signing tent, as they were about to have the signing session in like half an hour. The whole bunch of awesome people from the fanclub gathered there, and I've seen all of the eyes shining and sparking and still being on the concert in mind and soul! It was a truly fantastic feeling to be surrounded with these guys.
We were waiting and chatting, and then the guys came out, still in stage outfit to greet us and sign anything we put under their hands. Fortunately they did bring signing cards (even tho I'm almost always going only for the hugs), but I like that pic a lot, so why not make them sign? But actually I wanted more :D I wanted them to draw something on it. Here are the results :) (and I can't rotate them, sorrrry)

On the signing session Lea gave the most epic gift to the band I've ever seen. She actually did a cross-stitch picture about the cover of the first album of the band. It is amazing you should've seen it!!! Lea is one of the admins of the fanclub sites, and one of the smartest girls I've met whole summer. It was soooo great to have my tent close to theirs. She was camping with Jane, who is kind of the soul of the fans and the band and everything. Probably the person, who knows almost all the fans who ever turned up on a gig. And for sure her concert-count is still the highest!
Also can't just forget Vincent's 32-teeth smile after the show / during the signing session. It was the first time I met him in Rockharz, but I'm not really sure how that happened that we haven't met before. He is also a huge Freedom Call and Sonata Arctica fan, just like me. Still we didn't attend on the same show so far. But that is changing!! :)
I have only sweet words for the US guys Dave and Ike. I know that during the whole festival they did look after me in a way, which I'm very grateful for. Like smuggling in some beers or eating that freaking good chicken together!

All these people and Astrid and Thomas (they will pop up later also, I promise) and Mike and Tristan, and obviously Sue and Sam (closest neighbors they were). So we all ended up in the Twilight Force Camp, and talked and drank some beers together. Then Tristan appeared with a guitar, and then the craziness started. We were singing a lot of songs there at the tents' area. But after that we have decided to climb the very small hill nearby. Gosh that was a trip :D Not that it was long or difficult. It was eventful, let's just say. Guys were climbing trees and making photos from the branches, we were singing through the way to the top. On the top of this bump there was a small viewpoint. There we just continued singing and laughing and drinking and talking about all the things on the world.

I guess we must have spent like an hour or two up there, it was truly fantastic time! I believe one of the best moments of the festival. I even have a video up there, which I actually watched several times since then (unlike the usual videos of gigs people are making and letting them being forgotten, and never watch). Then we went down:

I have no idea when we got back, but I just found myself offering Pálinka to everyone around the campsite. And nobody really wanted to drink. Then we visited Tristan and Mike's camp also, was drinking a few beers there too with Michael and Mike and Henrik. And you know what? I met a polish girl there, Marta. Was weird enough that a Hungarian girl living in Poland visiting a german festival meeting a polish girl living in Germany. Add that together, and you have fun. She also made me some drink I have no idea from what - some milk and vodka maybe. We went back to the venue area, I have proof:

But don't ask me which show this was, because I have no freaking clue. Must have been Knorkator, guessing from the darkness of the sky and the position of the stage, They played on the same stage as Avantasia, so the right one, and yeah, started to be dark. But that's all I can tell about this show. It happened.

I remember going off with Tristan later visiting his friends (maybe, maybe just some stangers), and here things starts to get blurry. We were drinking some green alcohol in some tent somewhere, that is for sure. And then I stopped drinking just not to repeat the amnesia from the day before. I can't say I was completely sober, but I was allright. (Just don't ask my friends about it, Jane and Lea would probably say the opposite :D ) Anyway we were running around a bit, then decided to go back to Avantasia. C'mon, it is Avantasia, I had to see them again. The show was fantastic, I am quite sure I was singing some songs like Dying for an Angel.

In the middle of the show we bumped into Lea and Vincent in the midst of the crowd. Also made some terrible pics, here are the presentable ones you can try to figure out who are on the pics, but I tell you it's Lea, Vincent, Tristan and me on the first hahaahhahha:

And if you think that the night just ended there, I can tell you it did not! Our quest just started. Met 2 friends of Tristan's, and decided to climb the hill again at night. Crazy idea, right? I was like - why the hell not? So we took the quest to lead our hobbits to Isengard. Unfortunately we have lost them quite fast. So we were running up and down in the aisles of the campsite, and I was stopping people - the conversation nr.1 looked like this:
Sz: Halt STOP, jetzt rede ich!!
People: ???
Sz: Do you know that the night is dark and full of terror?
People: ???
Tristan and me looking to each other, then to the people: You know nothing, Jon Snow.
Then we ran.
Conversation nr.2 was the same except I asked: Was ist das für ein Life? - people still looked at me weird. Later I got to know that it is some net-trend amongst germans. Oh well.

Conversation nr.3 was a the most fun - started the same, but the question was: "Do you know what I want?" Not much proper answer received, so we started singing "I wanna set the universe on fire". There were few people who actually were singing with us.
Oh well, that was extreme fun. And after we noticed that we have lost our hobbits, we went to Isengard alone hoping we might find them there. It was pitch black, and also cold. But it was also very calm and beautiful up there. We were about to go back and turn in, but then we met Marta and Michael climbing the hill, so we stayed. We actually stayed that long to watch the sunrise. Was truly beautiful ending of a funny day.

Here you go the playlist (of course powered by Spotify and Rockharz 2016 - Day 3

xoxo \m/

Friday, October 28, 2016

Rockharz 2016 - Day 2

Here we are, Rockharz, second day. It was a beautiful and sunny Thursday, and writing about it taught me a lot of things about myself, and timing. Actually this day gave me a lot of great memories, and the same amount of memory loss. Also met loads of amazing people. Because of these thoughts this post will be way less about what happened on the stage, and more about how the festival felt for me.
Even after asking around the people I was with, couldn't reconstruct the day fully, which is actually funny, as most of them said: "Wasn't that the day you were drunk?" NO! It was the next day, and of that one I remember everything.

Anyway fast report from the stage. No recollection about anything happened on the stages. I must have been on 2 shows at least, and they were Gamma Ray and Saxon. If you ask me if I liked them, or how were they, I would go with: probably not that good as I don't remember. But I can't say that, because of the huge memory loss, and there must be some great things happened to me on the afternoon/evening also which I can't recall, so the concerts must have been good also! C'mon, a terrible Gamma Ray or Saxon concert never happened :D

Anyway, just for my own good I created a full playlist of the day, even tho I'm sure I was not present at half of them. Breaking tradition it comes here, and not at the end of the post. Rockharz 2016 - Day 2 playlist.
I  got some slight memory pieces while editing the setlist. I am pretty sure that I was singing half of the Gamma Ray songs loud. But the circumstances are still blurry. If you recognize this hand here, then please share the knowledge with me, because I spent the late afternoon around this guy probably ^^
GammaRay - at least according to the watch
So all in all let's go through what I do remember: I woke up, took a shower, that is. The showers were very good on the festival, even tho they were not that cheap and depending on the time I had to wait a lot (around an hour or more), but I could have warm/hot water always. Furthermore they were individual cabins. As I was writing before, the organization of the festival was very good, just like all the facilities. After the refreshing shower I went for hunting some breakfast (the venue area didn't open yet), and I really needed a coffee too.
We had the first international fanmeeting with all the Knights of Twilight's Might! With other words - Twilight Force fanclub meeting. I'm usually not participating in these kind of groups or fanclubs or such, but I'm extremely happy that Dave convinced me :) Around our camping place I met Lea and Jane and Vincent (not quite sure this day or the one before....) so we were heading to the meeting point around the signing session tent, and got to know more amazing people there. Mostly from Germany this time, but it was only the first step into the rabbithole of magic. Babsi, Astrid and Thomas, Kai, Tristan and Mike are all awesome! Unfortunately Dave and Ike didn't arrive for the meeting. But as a first meeting it was sweet!!!

Here I have to add, that I can actually recall the stage image of The New Roses - but that's all I can tell about the stage. On this meeting we were talking about music and the usual get-to-know-each-other topics, and then we all got thirsty :D So we went back to our campsite, and drank a few beers, Tristan brought his guitar and we were singing songs from TF and later on other bands if I remember well.
And this is the point where my memory goes off. I've got bits and pieces here and there, like eating and going to sleep, but not much more. I made one more picture tho - with a very high possibility about Saxon show.

And with this I will say bye for now, and I can promise that I have actual memories about the next 2 days :)

xoxo \m/

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Rockharz 2016 - Day 1

The next couple of posts will be about Rockharz festival in Ballenstedt. It was not really a planned festival for me, but I made up my mind fast after seeing the lineup - especially the last day, but every day seemed very good. 4 days and Germany, here I come again. I had everything planned, all the tickets for the transport when I saw the announcement, that the festival is sold out. I started to panic, and created plan A B C D... First I was writing to the organizers, I wrote a really really 'pretty-please-with-whipped-cream-and-cherry-on-top' e-mail, for what I got an answer fast, that they won't let me down, and I can buy my ticket at the entrance. I was very happy and thankful for that. So I packed my tent and sleeping bag and took my 13ish hours of trip to Ballenstedt. Fortunately I was about to have the camping site with the Knights of Twilight's Might, and we kept contact on phone, so I found a pretty nice camping place beside Sue and Sam. They are super nice girls, and I consider myself very lucky that I met them (I can say the same in general about all the Knights)! Unfortunately my phone died shortly after the festival, so some of my memories are kinda blurry, might be some events placed on a wrong day, please forgive me because of that.

Before the festival I was talking with Dave also about when and how they will come with Ike (you remember, the awesome US guys living in Prague - and I met them in Metalfest Openair in Plzen). That was a sweet conversation also, as he mentioned that they will bring beers. I didn't think about that earlier, but it turned out an awesome idea. I just had some difficult time to pack all the beers and pálinka beside all my stuff. I also packed a very precious poster, which I will mention later on... So when I arrived and put up the tent, the girls offered their cooling box for my beers. Kudos! We started with a beer and talking just to know each other a bit more as we were about to spend the next 4 days beside each other. Turned out fast, that we don't have only the music taste similar, but they also huge HP-fans. Lovely, I thought. I started to believe that it truly will be a fantastic festival.

I was ready with everything and after the beer I was ready to explore the venue a bit. It was amazing. The german precision was totally visible. I'm not sure if all the german festivals are the same, but here the tents and cars were placed in a perfect order, squares for them, and pretty aisles - let's just call them roads - were beautifully left clean between them. I was truly surprised. Well... this was my first festival in Germany where I had my tent with me, so it is possible that all of them are like this, but I was amazed for sure. The concert area opened around 1pm, but outside of that there were possibilities also. Individual showers, a power-bus (for charging electrical devices), food and beer stands and a supermarket! As I was looking around, I saw a small hill closeby. This small hill was important, and had some great moments during the festival for me.

On the first day I was interested in 2 bands only, but obviously wanted to see as many as I could, just to figure out if I like them or not. You know, I will never share my opinion until I don't experience something. This goes for books, music, theatre, you name it. But I can tell in general that this festival was more about the bands I liked even before and about friends than exploring new music. Obviously I did that too, but the emphasis was on the former.

When the concert area opened, I already went in, and noticed that the 2 stages are right beside each other. The running order let me guessing it, but I find it a brilliant idea. While there is a show on one stage, the next band can do the soundcheck on the other. Got myself a beer, and headed to the first line - as it was Thursday, there were not that many people. And the first day was a 'Label night' of AFM. And I started to talk with some guys there already, some of them came to the festival only for the first Band. So it was Mors Principium Est. Erm... They were good enough, but I was so freaking excited already to see Kissin' Dynamite first live, that I couldn't really concentrate the music, so I don't remember much either. The only thing I remember is that one of the photo-guys brought a full box of jelly and shared with the first line. I was surprised but it was fun!

Then I had to go to eat something during the next band to be fully functional for KD. Fast I've found the food I was eating on the whole festival later on: roasted chicken. Half, or just the legs, or a whole chicken, but that I didn't do, no no. Reasonable price and filling also. So I had my chicken and was going back to the fence. Here I would like to mention that even tho I find the two stages beside each other a brilliant idea, they were a bit too high for me - was around 2-2,5m or so. You will see on some of the pictures that if I was in the first line, I had to look up and up and up to see something. It was almost impossible to see anything of the drums from the front rows.

Anyway, Kissin' Dynamite. Gosh they have energy. They are one of those bands who has HUGE online presence, which the recent generation appreciates a lot. Their new album has a lot of thoughts about the present in many layers, sometimes making fun of it or criticizing, or doing that both at the same time. Unfortunately there were only 2 song from the new album Generation Goodbye. I thought I might start a tradition for myself going to KD shows, and doing a selfie when they play Hashtag your life. Actually as you know me I barely make any selfies. It's gonna be fun anyway, as I'm planning some shows for their autumn tour. Anyway, I was shouting and screaming also a lot, and jumping too. The king-garment was nicely done, as it fits to a king, allright. It was a great show with a lot of power and great sound - even from the first rows. For me it was the true start of the festival, and got the energy to be able to walk and move forward (After half a night spent on the bus half sleeping). Here I link you one of my favourites from the new album, listen: She came, she saw

I needed a drink and go out a bit to breathe, maybe sit down a bit, so I did. The next band I got to know not so long ago, Monique from the FC Family told me about them. J.B.O. By the time they were on the stage, people started to arrive. A LOT actually, and as J.B.O is a band singing in german and actually making fun of everything on the stage, people love them. Additionally they were not formed yesterday. I did enjoy the show, had no awake brain even to try to understand what they were singing about, but it was fantastic feeling being in the middle of a crowd singing as from one mouth. Oh, and they are very pink. Like pink pink pink.

After that actually the last band before collapsing was Onslaught I saw. I can say barely, as the trip just kicked in, and I couldn't even stand anymore. Was about heading back to my tent when I bumped into two guys from the early afternoon, and was just talking with them a bit. And at the end I was listening to Asenblut from my tent and fell asleep 24 hours after I left home the day before.

Here you go a playlist from the AMF Label Night of Rockharz - Day 1 (thx to Spotify and - mostly no setlists on the site, so picked something closer in time, which the bands played with very high possibility :D)

xoxo \m/

Monday, September 12, 2016

Metalfest Openair Plzen - Day 3

So the last day has come, and one of my favourite bands were about to go on stage! This was the day of the terrible towel and vodka in the morning and great recognitions from the stage, heartfelt goodbyes and seeyoulaters. Couldn't imagine my day better when I woke up. We had some serious storm again at night, but the sun was shining and the whole day was supposed to be perfect!

The day on the stage started with a cover band, Motörgang. Guess the original. They were good enough, Lemmy was on the stage at least in appearance, the sound was allright, the songs were obviously from Motörhead. It was an ok start of the day. Right in the morning I bumped into Veronica again at the first row, as she was waiting for Amorphis, I was waiting for Wisdom, so we shared the place again :)
The next band was Mantar. Oh well. They are crazy. Two people on stage, the drums are turned 90 degrees. Weird enough picture. They are also from Germany, playing doom/black metal. The most fitting word for the show for me was: odd. The guy at the guitar and vocals was completely in the show. He was living with the music totally. Furthermore they brought a bottle of vodka to share with the audience. He gave it directly to me if I remember well. And you know.. I don't drink shots. Especially not at 11 in the morning. But oh well... I couldn't refuse, could I? So was drinking (just a small gulp) and passed the bottle further. It could've been fun if the bottle was going as it was intended - through the first line, but obviously it got lost somewhere in the crowd.
After the show I got an eyecontact with Beni - traveling with Wisdom and I asked him to charge my powerbank in their hotel the night before, so I could have energy in my phone to make some more terrible photos. Got to meet him beside the stage - here goes my 'thanks' also! You saved my life! And then got a fast beer until the guys did the soundcheck and hurried back to the first row beside Veronica. I also bumped to Georgie and Dave and Ike, they were right behind us for the show. I couldn't wait for them to start, I was so so so so excited, wanted to hear some songs from the new album again, and just wished them to have huge success, as this festival is the jumping stone for the 'smaller bands' to get invited to Masters of Rock, and these guys should go there next year, they truly deserve it! So I was ready to do everything, shout my lungs out for them!
And actually I did, we all did. I think the whole crowd was enjoying the show pretty much, sometimes I was just overwhelmed about the hey-hey shouts I've heard from behind! They did play some old and some new, listen to one of their songs from the new album which was recorded with Joakim Brodén from Sabaton: Rise of the Wise. I personally like other songs from the new album, like Believe in Me, hoping I'll hear that live on Keep Wiseman Alive show in October! Anyway they played also Live Forevermore, which is always a success. I did sing with them all the songs, it was a concert so energetic and powerful, I had the fuel for the whole day after that. Especially that NG was coming close to the crowd often, and once he recognized me from the stage, and was pointing at me, and the best part in it, that the guys took a photo in that very moment. I just love this shot!
Yes, that is my hand there!
Aaaanyway, it was again over too fast for my liking, but I can't have it all, right? :D The stage was taken over by a band from Austria, whom I really wanted to see live since I know Dragony. Sigi is the male voice in this band, and I just love his voice. Visions of Atlantis on the stage, doing the soundcheck. And what am I doing? Shouting 'Sigiiii!!!' when I see him. Right.... Anyway, he recognized me and was waving, which was quite cool! I did enjoy the show allright, I have to say, but they will not be my favourite band for sure. Catchy music, powerful vocals. And what I remember also from this show is that the guy behind/beside me focused on Clementine all the time, and made like 200 photos only about her. Well, she is extreme beautiful, that is for sure :) The show was very professional, good sound and very good usage of the space they had, continuously coming close to the front rows. I liked that also a lot.

And then I just jumped out of the crowd because wanted to say bye to Wisdom guys, as they had to run back after their signing session. Unfortunately I couldn't catch them again, but bumped into the guys and we were having fun around, talking and joking and learning some great idioms in English, as THAT is the specialty of Dave! Heard stories about the 'terrible towel' of Pitsburgh, which I actually noticed after I went home, and checked some band-pictures. That yellow piece of fabric is everywhere, very visible :D
We didn't even attend to the next show - which should've been Crucified Barbara, but they had to cancel and D-A-D was playing instead. We were just listening from far.
We did go back to the crowd because an other band already prepared, which we really wanted to see from close - especially Georgie. Arkona was about to play. I just love their music, and the way how Masha is communicating with the crowd. She is always talking in Russian. Weird enough for me, but the reason might be that I've seen them only in Slavic-language places, so they did understand it properly. Aanyway, it was a great show, as usual.
Worst selfie ever, but at least Georgie looks good :D
Then we decided to have a beer together - one of the last ones actually, as the guys were about to go home soon enough. So we were waiting for Arkona's signing session, and I was evil, I know I'm sorry (well, actually not that much). I did a small test with Vladimir from the band. In January he photobombed one of my pics in Wroclaw which I made with Heidevolk guys, and I was asking if he remembers me :D Obviously he didn't, but I can't expect it, right? Well I did, and was a tiny bit disappointed, but he asked me to send him that pic, so he will remember next time :) And smiled a bit, which was sweet of him. I can imagine how many people they meet, especially that they had a HUGE 3-4 months long tour around Europe. But they all were very kind and signed anything people put beneath their hands :D
At the end we made a last pic together, as a memory of the past 3 days. BUT they mentioned a festival in Germany, Rockharz, with an amazing lineup, and a promise that they will be there. Hmmmm, I had to think a lot if and how I could go there. But that is an other story ;)
Awesomest group ever!
After saying goodbye to the guys I went back to the crowd to check out Epica. (Completely missed Amorphis, as was busy with friends and beers and signings) But Epica's show was just great!! It was my first time seeing them live as last time I was about to go, I went to Slovakia instead for an Eufory show hahaha. It was great, it was beautiful, it was metal, it was fun, but I was already really tired after 3 days' of jumping and headbanging. They played their most popular songs, was a great show, and I have terrible pictures.
After that I was already lost in my thoughts, and just listened to Dirkschneider from a place far far away, chilling out, and enjoying the last band of Metalfest Openair Plzen.
It was a great festival, for sure I'll be here next year too! Very good organization, beautiful venue, and great bands, what else I should need?

This day I also bumped to Carlos, knowingly he will be for sure in the first line of Delain and Epica shows. Somehow we couldn't meet much during these three days, for what I'm very sorry, but I'm sure we will do that in several shows in the future. I really love how he can just lift me up and spin around hahahaha. I need that more! Well, checking his pictures I probably mixed Saturday and Sunday regarding out meeting time, but oh well... it was a great meeting again!

Veronica and me! - Pic by Carlos

Headbanging for Stratovarius! - Pic by Carlos

Here you go a playlist (thx to Spotify and - and my own preferences): Metalfest Openair Plzen - Day 3

xoxo \m/

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Metalfest Openair Plzen - Day 2

Here comes the second day of the fantastic Metalfest Openair! Saturday started slowly. From the previous day's weather and the mud I got my sneakers a bit dirty, but oh well... was hoping for a great day again. My tent was not that far from the venue area - around 5 mins on foot, and the shower, coffee and breakfast were in one place anyway.

So morning routine done, I was heading fast to the stage to see Scream Maker, a polish band, who won a Talent show of sorts in Poland, and jumped in the last minute. It was a great starting of the day. The music was powerful, and I appreciated a lot that they are singing in English, definitely a must-checkout-later band. I'll see them again this summer in Zgierz - City of Power, so I thought I'll have time dig a bit deeper into their work. Can you see the fire? is actually a very catchy song from them, I like it a lot.

And then there was something awesome coming up. I've never heard of the band Dark Gamballe before, the only thing I knew that they are czech. Had some ideas what kind of music they could play - guessing from the name. BUT. It was a fantastic surprise when they simply appeared on the stage, nothing but stylish clothing. And when they started to play... omg. It was something great for my ears. The only bad thing I can say of it is that they were singing in czech. Unfortunately I did not understand a word, still I got mesmerized. Listen to some of their songs, I loved it live. This was the one caught me totally off guard, and even started to sing with them: Fata kapitána Morgana - although I still have no idea what it is about, but nananananananananana.

Meanwhile the show I started to place myself towards the first line to be able to see the later shows from close.
Fortunately I had the guys from yesterday to have the beer supply brought there directly, so I didn't need to leave my place. Furthermore I met Veronica there, and we started to talk right away. She is from Mexico, but studying in the Czech Republic. Cool, isn't it? We literally was talking through the whole day from that moment.

Anyway, we were waiting for the next band, Jared James Nichols. They are from the U.S, and was on tour with Zakk Wylde. Probably you've heard more about him than the band on stage, but they do very similar music. They play only two guitars and drums. But those guitars, omg. Even I've heard how awesome it was :) Jared is a true guitar virtuoso (if the word exists in english...) He had a lot of solos, and poured his heart in them all. For Can You Feel It? they made us all sing with them. It's a great song! After the show I managed to catch them beside the stage, and could take one of the best pictures on the festival. Yes, they are tall and beautiful! :')

And then we started to hear around that Sirenia will not play. I was not that sad, especially because of the show instead of them. Reno Vega came from Germany to make a great performance and fun show on the stage. They call themselves "The biggest little Band in the World" which is quite accurate. They were really fantastic. They really seemed to enjoy the whole time they had in Plzen. The bassist came to the audience and shared some paper-fireworks, and the guys who got them should set them off at a certain time. Obviously it didn't work out properly, but we all had a laugh at that one. He also came close to us and tried to hi5 as many people there as possible with a huge pink cheer-hand (blowable ones). In general they played the german power metal I love so much, so I was sure I'll listen to them later on if I could. Maybe they played this song: Lies, blood and Sweat. Go, listen and chill out! Oh on a sidenote for the band: Please go Spotify! :)

After them I just knew I won't like what comes. Crematory. I've seen loads of people around in their band-shirt, and drew a conclusion that I might have some problems in the first row. They are also a german band, they play gothic metal. It was not that bad I thought it would be. Obviously I still don't really like growling, but in general I did enjoy the show. With some drinking on the stage - probably some whisky from a gas-can. Anyway, there was moshing, there was shouting, it was not a bad show.

Then almost there what I was waiting for whole day. Before them however Delain on the stage. I have one expression describing their presence: Seriously Synchronized Headbanging. It was one of the most professional shows I've seen that day. Always someone in the front to be visible for the audience, very good sound and vocals. I also promised a friend to make some pictures of Charlotte. I did my part all right. Besides all this, the show made me want to go to an other of theirs (which is going to happen in October - they will play on Keep Wiseman Alive with Wisdom). Even though they are not my favourite band, I still listen to them, and waiting for the new album (Moonbathers - out already by the time of writing the post). I can't really say that I do love female fronted bands, but I do admire and like/love some of them, including Delain. Mostly because of the lyrics naturally, mostly written by Charlotte, and with many songs I can relate to them strongly. I will go here with the obvious song, so if you are reading, and never heard them, start with this one: We are the others.

Beer came to me fast enough, so I could properly wait for the best band of the day for me. We both were very excited with Veronica. We both had some moments in our life where a song of Stratovarius helped through a bad or good time. For me it was the second song they played: Eagleheart. I'm always close to cry when they play this. Not my first and not the last Stratovarius show, still all the time I'm floating 10 cm above the ground and trying to breathe, which is quite difficult while listening to them. They played the very similar setlist I've heard last year in Ostrava, but seriously how difficult is to put together an awesome setlist of 17 studio albums? The best moment of the show for me was when Timo came close to us and I got a hi5! We both were headbanging and jumping through the whole hour :) Obvious closing song was the Hunting High and Low, which is the other one of my favourites from them.

After the show we just couldn't find the way back to reality and wished they just started over again. So we went to meet them on the signing session. Talking over the whole time. She had some awesome stories about Mexican shows - or how difficult it is/was for them to attend a metal gig or festival simply because they were so rare.
I had nothing to sign, but I really wanted some pictures with them. The security guys said that it is not allowed, so I just stepped out of the queue, as really I just wanted some pics. Which I got afterall from behind the fence. So screw you security guys!

After that we were about to eat something finally, and obviously drink a beer :) And listening to Lordi from above, where the sound was actually very great. Even better than from the first line. It was a funny show actually. when literally the whole venue was shouting 'Fuck you' - THAT was amazing. We were laughing so much. Here you go some uncensored Lordi: Hug you hardcore!

Then I was set out to say bye to Dave and Ike as they've decided to spend the night in a hotel (I still had my tent). Meanwhile searching for them, I bumped into Wisdom. When I've seen Máté, he said - 'Oh, you again?'. I'm not sure if that was a compliment or a joke, but I smiled anyway. Got some fast conversation with them, then headed back to see Zakk Wylde / Black Label Society, as I thought he might play some songs from them too. Hmmmwell. I have to say, I'm not a big fan of 20 mins guitar solo.

Probably it was great, but I felt extreme tired and extreme hungry, so got half of a chicken, a beer, and headed back to my tent. I bumped into Georgie, and was talking some more at the tent. With all the memories made that day I fell asleep fast, and dreamed about all the magic I had that day.
Here you go the playlist of the songs I've found (as usual thx to Spotify and Metalfest Openair Plzen - Day 2

xoxo \m/