Friday, October 28, 2016

Rockharz 2016 - Day 2

Here we are, Rockharz, second day. It was a beautiful and sunny Thursday, and writing about it taught me a lot of things about myself, and timing. Actually this day gave me a lot of great memories, and the same amount of memory loss. Also met loads of amazing people. Because of these thoughts this post will be way less about what happened on the stage, and more about how the festival felt for me.
Even after asking around the people I was with, couldn't reconstruct the day fully, which is actually funny, as most of them said: "Wasn't that the day you were drunk?" NO! It was the next day, and of that one I remember everything.

Anyway fast report from the stage. No recollection about anything happened on the stages. I must have been on 2 shows at least, and they were Gamma Ray and Saxon. If you ask me if I liked them, or how were they, I would go with: probably not that good as I don't remember. But I can't say that, because of the huge memory loss, and there must be some great things happened to me on the afternoon/evening also which I can't recall, so the concerts must have been good also! C'mon, a terrible Gamma Ray or Saxon concert never happened :D

Anyway, just for my own good I created a full playlist of the day, even tho I'm sure I was not present at half of them. Breaking tradition it comes here, and not at the end of the post. Rockharz 2016 - Day 2 playlist.
I  got some slight memory pieces while editing the setlist. I am pretty sure that I was singing half of the Gamma Ray songs loud. But the circumstances are still blurry. If you recognize this hand here, then please share the knowledge with me, because I spent the late afternoon around this guy probably ^^
GammaRay - at least according to the watch
So all in all let's go through what I do remember: I woke up, took a shower, that is. The showers were very good on the festival, even tho they were not that cheap and depending on the time I had to wait a lot (around an hour or more), but I could have warm/hot water always. Furthermore they were individual cabins. As I was writing before, the organization of the festival was very good, just like all the facilities. After the refreshing shower I went for hunting some breakfast (the venue area didn't open yet), and I really needed a coffee too.
We had the first international fanmeeting with all the Knights of Twilight's Might! With other words - Twilight Force fanclub meeting. I'm usually not participating in these kind of groups or fanclubs or such, but I'm extremely happy that Dave convinced me :) Around our camping place I met Lea and Jane and Vincent (not quite sure this day or the one before....) so we were heading to the meeting point around the signing session tent, and got to know more amazing people there. Mostly from Germany this time, but it was only the first step into the rabbithole of magic. Babsi, Astrid and Thomas, Kai, Tristan and Mike are all awesome! Unfortunately Dave and Ike didn't arrive for the meeting. But as a first meeting it was sweet!!!

Here I have to add, that I can actually recall the stage image of The New Roses - but that's all I can tell about the stage. On this meeting we were talking about music and the usual get-to-know-each-other topics, and then we all got thirsty :D So we went back to our campsite, and drank a few beers, Tristan brought his guitar and we were singing songs from TF and later on other bands if I remember well.
And this is the point where my memory goes off. I've got bits and pieces here and there, like eating and going to sleep, but not much more. I made one more picture tho - with a very high possibility about Saxon show.

And with this I will say bye for now, and I can promise that I have actual memories about the next 2 days :)

xoxo \m/

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