Sunday, November 15, 2015

Upcoming concerts this year

So let's start!
Already started the preparations for three more concerts this year.

The first coming will be 28th November. I'm going to have a fun trip to Bratislava, Slovakia.
It will be the final of RockovĂ¡ Maturita (event page on Facebook) in Randal Club. This contest started in May, gathered a lot of awesome bands all across the Czech Republik and Slovakia. 8 bands reached the final: Aces, Asenth, Friday Whiskey, Four Faces, Radix, Meredith, The Rockefellas and Eurofy.
I've got the pleasure to know the guys from Eufory! They are playing power heavy metal.
Actually I met them first on a festival in Terchova (SK), where I went for Freedom Call, Destruction and Hammerfall. The band itself exists since 2008, their first album, Flying Island Eufory was released in 2015. Since their first lineup, they've changed some members, but with the recent formation they had their best year so far. They've won Muzikomat in CZ/SK, and they continue to grow. Haven't really met such an open band like they are, for sigs and pictures they are always up!
Listen to their promo video!
I'm to listen to the other bands in the upcoming two weeks, so they will not hit me bad when I hear them first live :D

The other bigger trip will be Vienna and Berlin in the beginning of December.
I've met Sigfried Samer from Dragony on a festival this summer, was talking some minutes. Was a bit awkward at first, as I didn't know who he is... so I've asked if he is a musician too. And turned out that he is freaking good at that. He is the lead singer of Dragony. They've just released their second album - Shadowplay - several weeks ago. They are on tour since then supporting GammaRay across Europe, and their first headliner show will be in their hometown, Vienna 4th of December. I'm going to attend, and hopefully we can make the picture which I missed in Terchova...
I'm superexcited, because one of my friends will be there also (she and her husband are also huge Freedom Call fans, like me).
And here is my favourite song from their new album: Dr Agony
Furthermore, one of their support bands will be Wisdom from Hungary!! Also being a fan of them just adding to the evening!
And my trip will not be finished with Vienna... after a short sightseeing day, I'm going to be heading to Berlin! Santa Claus will bring me Freedom Call!
I think about them I'll be writing a lot, so for now that's it! :)

xoxo \m/

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