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Rockharz 2016 - Day 4

Rockharz 2016. The last day. The BEST moment in the whole summer.
But do not just start with the best one of the day. Still dawn, the sun was just rising when I got back to my tent, and was thinking extremely practically - I should go and have a shower NOW so there won't be so many people, no mud, no queue. And after that I can sleep. Let me add, that it was around 6 in the morning. So I went to shower, and then sleep some.
I wanted to see Winterstorm, but oh well... didn't manage to wake up in time for that. The next one I really wanted to see was actually Gloryhammer, but their signing session was before the show, so I grouped up with Dave and Ike to get to the signing tent. As the schedule for the day was quite tight, we decided to have lunch right there, the whole chicken of course with some beers. And the guys went hunting for some pineapple. You might remember I was writing about them giving pineapple all the time to Gloryhammer in the Czech Republic. Now they have extended the scope of the gifting to "wherever they are going to a gig".

So they returned with a huge can of pineapple. It probably was 3 kilos or something like that. (If I remember correctly they got it from some pizza place). We were quite the beginning of the queue for the signing, I saved the place while they went shopping. Met some weird faces there too, not as if it was anything unusual on a festival... Anyway, guys are back and signing starts. I have no idea where the pictures are, probably on Ike's phone. Doesn't matter, I got a signed Rockharz signing card. And as you can see Angus is a twat. :D (yes, I still can't rotate for some reason)

We have finished fast, so I got back to the line - separate one - to be the first for Sonata Arctica signing session. Actually there was an other band before them, but I had to be fast as the signing started at 15:55 and Gloryhammer was on the stage 16:15. And by that time I had to run back to the tent with the poster I got. That poster has some history. When I was on a show in Helsinki, I stole the poster from a lamp-post. Given that it was end of January - Finland - extreme cold. But I managed to do it without bigger damages on the paper, and I did after the show. Tho had to circle around the venue for like 2-3 hours until I found one, but it is mine now. And it traveled nicely though Europe, already been in 3 countries! So I took that poster for signing, which the guys gladly did. Probably on signing sessions the musicians sign everything fans put under their pens (except Toni with the finnish flag). But this was my precious poster, and I just couldn't stop smiling while they signed it.
Was feeling like a schoolgirl. The biggest fangirling moment I have ever had. Anyway, got my signatures and pics, but the very very best moment just came. I showed Toni my tattoo. I have a quite big Sonata album cover tattoo as you see on the pics. And he asked me if he could make a photo of it, and showed it to Henkka also. And all went through my head was: "Smile, say yes, don't scream, smile some more, still don't scream". Oh well, that is what happens if your favourite singer asks You to have a photo, and not the other way around. Amazing, truly the best moment of the year. Some of the pictures were made just the worst possible angle, but oh well, at least I smile.

But the life didn't stop then (ok, it might did a bit), I had to run to the tent with the signed poster to rush back for Gloryhammer on the stage. On my way I've bumped into Tristan again with a huge text on his back: "Was ist das für 1 life?" I just said "hi" and running forward. I had so big momentum running back that I got a pretty nice place almost the first row. They played the summer's playlist, but I still can't get enough of it. I remember shouting loud the Universe on Fire, having the last night's adventures in mind laughing hard through the song. The whole show had one extra element this time, there was a girl carrying around the mighty astral hammer. Probably the guys tried to catch the attention of more men adding a doll to the show ;) Not sure how it was working tho, but I liked that picture with the hammer and such. Obviously Hoots was crowned too and drank a "small" amount of beer also. It doesn't matter how many times I see them live, just can't have enough, and somehow it always ends too fast.

After the jumping and singing now I finally had some time to eat and drink and look around. There were 3 more shows before Sonata, so beer and chicken on the menu - again. Wandering around looking for some familiar faces and getting an other beer just to prepare for later as I knew I'll have a very tight schedule after SA. I bumped into Daniel and Toni and Madlen, who came for Powerwolf in full outfit and makeup (which I was about to have later the evening - the makeup at least), just said a fast "hi" got my hugs and went forth. I really wanted the first line for SA, so was getting closer and closer during Finntroll, bumped into a moshpit, which held me up totally. It was not a bad thing to happen, as I could actually enjoy the show a bit. These guys are pretty crazy, but their music is not made for me. Anyway, the show was fun and the moshpit also seemed to be crazier than usual, or I was just too close? I have no idea.

After the show Ensiferum started on the other stage, and as they play similar music to Finntroll (yes, kill me now, I know it's not similar really). I like their shows a lot, I like to see them live. But this time I had other priorities so I just listened to them (not the best place to hear much, but I recognized some songs - check them all in the playlist on the bottom). Fortunately people went there leaving the first lines empty for the next show. So I could actually easily find my place there, which was amazing as usual. Even tho I had some concerns about being too close. I was sure I will not see the back of the stage due to the stage being soooooo high, but hoping that they might have some podium for the drums so I can actually see Tommy a bit. Well, I couldn't. He was so back on the stage, that I could barely see the top of his drums. But fortunately Henkka came front time to time, so it was ok. The setlist however was way more than ok. Was a very fresh setlist for me, played some old and new songs. Starting with The Wolves die Young, playing The Cage, which I can't remember hearing live yet, through one of my very favourite songs, I Have a Right. I felt totally pumped up. Especially that I bet Toni was looking at me time to time from the stage. Yes, I still like to imagine that! Soon enough I will start to lack new words and expressions to write about a Sonata show. I just enjoy them every single time. Somehow they never fail to catch me and touch my very soul. I guess this is how you describe going to your favourite band's show. I cried a bit again when the last song was over, but I had to go, had to go and prepare for Powerwolf.

Told you this day was crazy and one thing came after the other. As Sonata finished at around half past 8, and PW started around 11, we had some time for my makeup. Was talking a lot with Daniel about PW makeup earlier and I can't really remember which of us came up with the idea to paint me for a PW show, but I was happy to do so. I had some extreme pathetic tries at home, so Daniel had to do it for me. I picked Falk Maria's makeup, and he started to do it, which felt extreme weird. They are doing it for themselves for years (probably around 150 shows already), and he has all the equipment and very firm hands to use them. The brushes and paints! Meanwhile we got attacked by a huge bee (not a wasp, a bee), and I mean huuuuge like 3cm big. It didn't let us go, even wanted to move in the car. Probably it liked the smell of the paint, or the guys :D

So I was done and we walked back to the stages stopping every minute so people can take pictures about 'us'/them, I managed to get off most of the pictures :D It took us a while to reach the stage where Powerwolf soundchecked. We could listen to Subway to Sally on the other stage, which was quite fine, heard Sieben there, but was excited already for Powerwolf, the headliner of the day. We made some silly pictures there. My very favourite is when Daniel asked me to 'look serious'. Well... I can't do that obviously.

Anyways the show started and as it is, the guys were completely sucked in the music. I just enjoyed it. Just enjoyed it. I love the show what they do on the stage, the atmosphere, the songs, the acts. I like how the crowd is moving as one, screaming Blessed & Possessed, shouting Amen & Attack and kneeling down for Lupus Dei. The show is always magical, and hard to realize it is over, but it was, so the guys wanted to meet their friends in the campsite somewhere, and asked if I would join. Sure why not, and as they were talking about these friends, I had a hunch that I know these guys. We walked and walked and walked which seemed an eternity for me but then arrived there (I didn't really feel my legs anymore by that time and got sooo tired, probably walked like a zombie), and surprise surprise Astrid and Thomas's tent was in front of us. At that time I met them only twice, but I did have a very good impression about them. Awesome couple with excellent music taste :D

Unfortunately tiredness hit me on the head and had to go back to have some sleep after an incredible day. The way back was quite funny actually adding the cherry on the top of my day. Imagine me with thigh long hair, white painted face and shorts walking like a zombie at night across the tents. Must have been a hilarious sight. I felt eyes on me all the time, was funny I didn't know which one they checked of the above mentioned :D I also bumped into some guys spreading leaflets about Ficken. They thought to give me one with the text: Sexsüchtig. At that point I so wanted to laugh in their face, and probably did too. Yes, all I needed at that moment was sex, sure... not. The only thing I could concentrate was to put one feet in front of the other, and that was hard enough to do it extremely slow.

Getting closer to my tent I passed Dave and Ike's tents, they were there still awake, so I thought to "jump" in to talk a bit. I sat down, which I shouldn't have done, as it took tremendous effort to stand up again after. Then when I finally reached my own tent, was around 2 in the morning, and I knew I have to take off as much makeup as possible, otherwise I'll look extreme silly the next day. I guess I just fell asleep in the process.

Waking up next day like I was beaten bad last night, took the effort to pack everything nicely, while almost everyone around me and who we met there said their goodbyes. Heartfelt hugs and see-you-next-times were flying around, and I was slowly ready also. Lea was so kind to drop me in the "city", so I didn't have to wait for the shuttle - which I didn't even know if or from where it was going. Was easy enough to get back to Berlin with a little detour to Magdeburg.

I was spinning around in my head because of the past 4 days of awesomeness, but somehow my body didn't want to obey at all. This was my first real german festival, and I can say I'll be back!

Here is the playlist of the day - added all the bands' setlists, as I was around all the time basically. (As always thanks to and Spotify) Rockharz 2016 - Day 4

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